Bluetooth A2DP Codec Dissection

This service extracts Bluetooth A2DP codecs list supported by your wireless headset from Bluetooth HCI debug log in btsnoop format.
It was created to analyze & collect audio codecs as this information is not always available on headphones manufacturer's website.

Output example

  70:26:05:62:04:11 (WH-1000XM2) → 38:78:62:12:35:4c (Xperia XZ2 Compact) 

Supported codecs:
  Audio SBC (44100 48000 | Mono DualChannel Stereo JointStereo | block: 4 8 12 16 | subbands: 4 8 | allocation: SNR Loudness | bitpool: 2..53)
  Audio non-A2DP (LDAC - 44100 48000 88200 96000, Mono DualChannel Stereo)
  Audio non-A2DP (aptX HD - 44100 48000, Stereo)
  Audio non-A2DP (aptX - 44100 48000, Stereo)
  Audio MPEG-2,4 AAC

Used for audio:
  Audio non-A2DP (LDAC - 96000, Stereo)

How to create btsnoop log on Android device?

• Turn off Bluetooth.
• Enable developer settings if you never did that. Open settings → about phone → tap several times on "Build Number".
• Open settings, enable the "Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log" switch under developer options.
• Turn on Bluetooth, connect to your headset.
• Open settings, disable the "Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log" switch under developer options.
• You should have "btsnoop_hci.log" file in the root of your internal storage (/storage/emulated/0). On some phones it may be called "btsnoop_hci.(some digits).cfa. Upload it to the form below.
If you can't find "btsnoop_hci.log" file, please try this or this.

Not all codecs may be dissected correctly. Currently supported: SBC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, LDAC, ATRAC, MP2/3, AAC, FastStream, Samsung HD.
Your btsnoop file will be saved on server for the headset per-model codecs list which I'm planning to create in the near future, and also for new dissection rules.

Upload btsnoop file here